About Us

Established January 1993, The Chisholm Trail Shopper  is a weekly publication that is offered FREE to our readers. Our distribution area is centered around Duncan Oklahoma. There are 16,600 papers printed weekly, with 15400 papers Direct-Mailed to every active address in Duncan and Comanche plus 1,200 Free News Stand copies around the Stephens County area.

The Chisholm Trail Shopper  offers the most extensive and cost effective print advertising in the Duncan area by being the only Weekly Direct Mail Total Market Coverage Publication in Duncan. By combining direct mail, full online publication and competitive advertising rates, our rate-to-potential customer ratio is by far the lowest offered in our area.

The Chisholm Trail Shopper Classifieds - Personal Ads start at $5.00 for 15 words and 15 cents for each individual word thereafter. These ads include items “For Sale” that are priced over $100.00 and Estate Sales. Commercial Ads are $6.00 for 15 words and 25 cents for each individual word thereafter. These classifieds include anything business related, such as: Animals For Sale, Real Estate, Babysitting, Housecleaning, Services Offered, Etc. Free Classified Ads: The following scenarios ONLY qualify as Free and must be limited to 15 words or less. If ad exceeds 15 words, Personal ad rates apply: Individual Garage/Yard Sales (residential address), Items to be given away, Lost and Found, Want to buy (non commercial) and Items selling for $100.00 or less. $2.00 Extra for all Special Characters, Bold Text, All Caps, Extra Returns, etc.

The Chisholm Trail Shopper - Display Ads are available in a variety of sizes. The 1×1 size is the smallest size available @ $10.00 per issue, all the way up to a Full Page. A 2×2 (Business Card size) ad starts at $28.00 per issue, and as low as $24.00 per issue. We offer consecutive multiple-run discounts also.

The Chisholm Trail Shopper also inserts Flyers, Circulars, etc. Inserts may be ran in full or partial circulation and can be broken down to specific areas by mail routes.

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